Monday, July 6, 2009

Sally Beauty Supply Haul (6/30/2009)

Who knew that paying $5 for a Sally Beauty Club Card could save someone so much $$$!?!? I've had my card for a few months, but the savings haven't been significant -- that is, until last week!

For the month of June 2009, Sally Beauty Supply offered a great GiGi wax package -- purchase a Gigi Wax Warmer for the club price of $29.99 and get three wax accessories ($30 value) for FREE (coupon required)! Having regularly paid $60 for a full leg with bikini wax at The Refinery, I figured owning a waxing kit would be more convenient and save me buku bucks (probably won't save me any amount of pain when ripping hair off my body).

Luckily, I was able to snag the last GiGi Wax Warmer in stock at my local Sally Beauty Supply store -- on the very last day of the month (of course!). The FREE products included GiGi All Purpose Honee Wax (14 oz.), GiGi Natural Muslin Strips - Large (100 count) and a GiGi how-to-wax DVD... all for only $30!

On top of the wax warmer and its free products, I also picked up:
With my Sally Beauty Club Card, 5 in-store coupons and additional savings for being a patient customer (human error on the cash register), my total savings were an incredible $48.05! Granted, I did spend $53... but I saved almost 50% off retail price for everything.

Now, it's time to perfect those waxing skills...

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