Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Clinique @ TJ Maxx

A few weeks ago, I made a pit stop at TJ Maxx en route to the gym. I thought I'd just take a peek at the selection for the week (new arrivals each week!) before my Body Works class. Walking into TJ Maxx with no intention to purchase anything (much like most shopping trips), I left the store with a bag of golden goodies!

Boxed kits from Clinique!

(Left) Touch-Up kit - $16.99

(Right) Eyes & Brows kit - $29.99

Clinique's Touch-Up kit included:
Savings of over $10!!

Clinique's Eyes & Brows kit included:
Savings of over $25!!

Perfect kits to just throw in your work tote -- which is exactly what I've done! :)

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